Tiny Dancer’s Finale

My Tiny Dancer’s recital was a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for not posting this sooner. This year was quite a step up – Wendy danced in the recital with the older girls, and I didn’t get to sit with her. All the dancers were kept backstage this time – which is how I remember ballet recitals being for me. Wendy handled it very well even though she doesn’t like changes. They even threw a last-minute change at her with the finale and she took it in stride. What a big girl! I love my Tiny Dancer! The picture to the left is Wendy’s first glimpse of Pat coming down to the stage to collect her. Do you think she loves Daddy? I sure do!

We are giving ballet up for a bit Рhopefully only a year or so. Enjoy this video  (Click on the photo to the right for the video) and be sure to listen to the very beginning for a special message from Will to Wendy. :)

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06 2011

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