New School Year

The Taylor’s Mark Orthodox Academy started off the 2010-2011 school year today. This is a bitter-sweet year for the teacher since it’s the last she’ll have with one of her students. Hannah will be moving onto high school and her dad’s house next year, which makes this a heartbreaking year.

In order to get Hannah ready, I’ve enrolled her in two high school courses through the Georgia public school system’s virtual school. She’s taking Biology and French – and then she will start high school next year with two credits under her belt. Pretty impressive, huh? On top of that, we’re doing Algebra I, Analytical Grammar, TOG Year 3, and we’re using a great curriculum called “One Year Adventure Novel” – where she’ll write her very own book over the course of the school year. How exciting is that?! I am encouraging Hannah to illustrate her novel and then we can self-publish it.

Patrick has moved up to the third grade, Wendy is in first, and Will is attempting Pre-K4. We got off to a great start today with short reviews, and even Will was fairly cooperative. I’ll include some pictures of the things we do in the next couple of days.

I’m proud of all of my student blessings!

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