Beautiful Days and Glowing Reports

We’ve had both over the last two days. Today was way too beautiful to stay inside (even, dare I say it out loud? to nap), so we packed up and headed to the park. Patrick’s school goes to the park once a week for recess, and he has made a friend there. Caleb, who is 4 years old, thinks Patrick is great. They play “Cops and Rookies” each week and have a ball. I had never met Caleb or his mom, so I thought this was fairly odd, at first. Today I had the chance to meet Caleb’s mom and she’s a terrific person. We seem to have quite a few things in common, so I hope that we’ll get together again soon.

Wendy, of course, made lots of new friends at the park. She would make a friend, play, they would leave and so she’d have to find a new friend. I think she enjoyed “finding” friends most of all. Hannah even joined in – she pushed the kids on the tire swing and had some fun until she realized that she may be too big for the playground. :( She got stuck in the tire ladder by being too tall for it.

The only mar to the day was when the ice cream truck showed up. Lots of tears from .handsome-will. He was inconsolable for a bit but eventually perked up again. He passed out on the way home – so he must have had fun, right?

Now for the glowing report – Patrick’s first report card for this year. HeiDee doesn’t give traditional A/B/C grades since they aren’t really a good indicator of how the child has progressed. Instead, she gives a narration-type report with detailed information about the specific child. Patrick is progressing nicely (blossoming, I would say), which is exactly what I expected from my blessed dyslexic. He’s so smart that it stuns me sometimes. Nice to have someone else see it too! I mean someone not related to me, mom.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank my husband for allowing us the luxury of being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom family. Who else can see the same potential in our kids that we do? Who else can foster it like we can? Who else will protect them and teach them like we can? Pat is reliving some of his childhood while we watch Patrick struggle to learn to read. It’s quite painful for Pat, and I am so very thankful that our gentle-souled Patrick doesn’t have to be subjected to the ridicule and persecution that Pat was as a young boy. God does give us individual challenges and doesn’t always explain them at the time, but God, in His time, reveals their purpose. Loud and clear.

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