USS Yorktown


This time last week we were in Charleston, SC. Pat and Patrick stayed on the USS Yorktown while the rest of us stayed at the Best Western (big spenders!). Patrick said it was the best time he ever had. He got to do all things boy with daddy and the other scouts. They slept on bunks and ate awful food. :) They dropped stuff on the guy who slept in the floor instead of the bunk (mostly pillows, but at least one (hardcover!) book). They got to sit in different simulators and hold crabs. They got to explore the entire ship – even they parts they weren’t supposed to. In short, they had a great time. Pat’s back is glad to be back at home and has finally forgiven him.

The girls and I stayed with my friend Renea whose husband and boys were with Pat and Patrick. We went to the Magnolia Plantation, which was beautiful. We walked and walked and walked some more. In fact, we walked right off the map! We saw some alligators, a turtle, and lots of beautiful blooms. Even Will was tired out when we finally made it back to the truck. :) What a great day! Thanks for the suggestion, Renea!

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03 2010

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  1. Renea #

    I had a great time too, Holli-Marie! That was a fun day, even if we did get lost! :-)