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In truth, I could have written this review about a year ago. That’s when I stumbled upon these wonderful, wonderful tools for reading. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so effective – and it’s been such a blessing for my .blessed-dyslexic.

The See-N-Read tool helps students stay focused and on track while reading. The tinted transparent bottom of the tool allows the user to track his eyes to the next line using his peripheral vision while keeping the main focus on the text presented in the clear window above it. The main focus remains on the current line of text without obscuring what is coming up next. No other reading tools do that; they either obstruct the following lines completely or the following lines share the same focus as the current line, and both defeat the main purpose of using a reading tool in the first place.

I actually own several of the other kinds of reading tools, but we haven’t used them since I discovered See-N-Read. The See-N-Read is a perfect guide for my dyslexic son – his reading has really smoothed out since we started using the See-N-Read. He told me that it’s not such a chore to stay focused now and his eyes don’t skip around the page.


I can tell you that a lot of research has gone into the See-N-Read. I can further tell you that it has several endorsements from some prestigious institutions. The main thing I want to stress, though, is that it works. Really. And not just for my .blessed-dyslexic. My other children benefit from using it as well. The Memory Mark is just like the See-N-Read, except that there is a cut-out instead of a clear window. I highly recommend the Memory Mark for older students like my Hannah who have to highlight and/or take notes while they read. I also recommend it for use in math – it’s a terrific way to keep those columns of numbers lined up without losing your mind. :) How many times have you found a simple addition mistake because your student failed to line up her columns correctly??

One other offering is the eSee-N-Read. Unfortunately, I did not realize I had access to a trial of this terrific tool until tonight (the instructions for downloading my trial got separated from the other materials and lost in the paper mess that I call a desk!), so I haven’t had a chance to review it as thoroughly as I would like. I can tell you that I am going to purchase a full version next time Mr. Wonderful (who? My loving husband Pat, of course) gets paid! This tool is absolutely amazing. It’s re-sizable and re-positionable and does the same terrific job of focusing the reader’s attention that the physical See-N-Read and Memory Mark does. This is going to be a real boon for both my .blessed-dyslexic and my Mr. Wonderful – a way for them to focus their attention while staring at a computer screen! Wow!

If you still need convincing that these simple but effective tools are absolutely amazing, please visit the See-N-Read site and read all the research, endorsements, and testimonials for yourself. In particular, be sure to look at the results of the See-N-Read Reading Tool’s Impact on Fluency Case Study. That alone should convince you to try this tool.

See-N-Read and Memory Marks come in two sizes: 5 ½” wide ‘Book’ size and 8 ½” wide ‘Document’ size. The Book size is $2.99 each, the Document size is $3.49 each, a pack of one of each size is $5.99, and multi-pack discounts are available. The eSee-N-Read software is $29.99. All of the See-N-Read products may be purchased directly from

Disclaimer: I was provided a free trial of the product in exchange for my genuine and unbiased review.

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